I love health coaching our approach is about holistic care principles, i educate people to have certain principles to follow in order to regain, achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we look for food intolerances, gastrointestinal health (gut health) and how understanding your digestive issues can keep you healthy and leaner.

Civilisation brought about a lot of changes in eating practices, we like instant food , ready to eat or ready to drink foods. quick fix meal have a lot of additives and preservertives that wreck our health, so we encourage people to prepare their own healthy meals, buy whole foods, buy functional foods and include healthy oils to get a balanced immune gut and brain health. Our focus is preventing and treating chronic conditions with functional foods and functional supplements. Healthy eating is adopting a healthy lifestyle indefinitely.


If you want to improve your nutritional status and immune system you can consult a Dietician .

We specialise with people suffering from food intolerances caused by deficiency of enzymes resulting to weight gain and difficulty loosing weight , we individualise diets for people suffering from chronic inflammation that goes with irritable bowel conditions like bloating, heartburn, peptic ulcer, constipation , pre diabetes leading to obesity complication, cholesterol issues or acidity leading to gout and arthritis. All these food intolerances can improve by diet when observed early.